Privacy Policy

Privacy policy for Association of Recreational Beach Users

ARBU or the Association of Recreational Beach Users takes privacy very seriously and hopes that you do to. Junk mail is a problem which has many Internet users at their wits end.    ARBU will not share your email address or other personal information such as postal address or phone number, which you volunteer with any third party with out your prior consent.

If you leave our pages by means of a hyperlink to any other site then you should be aware of the new sites privacy policy before you fill in any forms. ARBU does not guarantee that the new site has any privacy policy at all, and you as the end user assume all responsibility for any information which you may or may not volunteer at the new site.

You the user agree that we as ARBU may process the information provided by you to accomplish the task intended when you supplied any such information. By this we mean the normal business of providing you with more detail on items you request, sales, bookings, etc. If you do not agree to these terms then please exit our pages here

Spam is the mailing of one message to a list of people who did not request the message or the information contained within the message. This is the electronic equivalent of JUNK MAIL. Spam is frowned upon by the majority of all internet users, but is still practiced by many people who use advanced technology to harvest email addresses from the internet.

ARBU does not support the practice of harvesting email addresses and sending SPAM at all, but we will keep some active lists of persons who want to be kept informed of our activities for what ever reason.

The Association of recreational beach users will be running many diverse operations for fundraising and these will necessitate us contacting persons from our opt in mailing lists for things such as monthly news letters and other fundraising activities. Some of these activities may be managed / run by third parties, but ARBU will not share your contact details with any of these third parties without your prior consent.

Once again, many thanx for taking time to read our privacy statement, and if you have any questions please contact ARBU on 072 505 5111 (RSA) or send email to us at arbu(at)info4u(dot)co(dot)za

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