ARBU seeks your mandate to tackle 4×4 ban issues

The ARBU requires a mandate from the public to take up the problems and issues associated with the 4×4 ban.

The ARBU or Association of Recreational Beach Users has a web site at   where you can read more about who we are and what we do.

  1.  The Association of Recreational Beach Users would like to challenge the  4×4 ban legislation , so that it may be amended to be less restrictive and more people friendly, as we feel that the legislation is a violation of our collective rights as in Section 24, section 36 and section 38 of the South African constitution and thus  needs to be evaluated in terms of the NEMA (national Environmental Management Act), the ICMA (Integrated Coastal Management Act the MSA (Municipal Systems Act), The WHCA (World heritage Convention act) and other relevant legislation, as these documents all talk of sustainable development and the use of the environment to create and sustain jobs within the environmental tourism sector.

The ARBU is of the opinion that the notice no 150 of 2013 as published in the Government gazette of 1 march 2013    seeks to impose bad legislation and that this notice seeks to prohibit the use of recreational use vehicles in the entire south African Coastal zone, and is much more anti recreational motor vehicle use than the previous legislation which had a very negative impact on the Coastal Economy of South Africa


The ARBU has a social media profile page at where you can find links to all our social media profiles in one place.

The Management of the ARBU would like to use the online petitions and related documentation as a mandate to tackle the Economic losses and other negative aspects connected with this notice and associated legislation (read 4×4 ban) within the Tourism Industry of the Elephant Coast and the IPW (iSimangaliso Wetland Park) along the north east coast of KZN South Africa.

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  1. I am 4 the cancelation of the ban on 4×4 vehicles on the beach. I have seen how people have lost jobs and means of supporting families and businesses closing doors because of this one sided decision made by a person with a political agenda.

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