Registration update

We successfully lodged a form CM5 with CIPRO today.

CIPRO stands for Companies and Intellectual Property Rights Office

CIPRO does all company and organisation registrations for South Africa, and we are in the process of registering ARBU (Association of Recreational Beach Users) as an NPO (NON PROFIT ORGANISATION

I tried to do this once before, but the political arena was a lot different then, and the locals had not yet lost enough for them to take me seriously when I told them that if they do not go this route we will never win.

When I was in St. Lucia yesterday afternoon every body I spoke to had something to say about the loss of business and the water problems that they are expecting to have in December.

Having a large organisation like ARBU behind you when you complain at the local or district Municipal offices will soon be a bonus, as we expect you personally to play a large part in these affairs.

This will not cost you a cent, besides your time on the internet, and all you will need to do is register as a member of the Association of recreational beach users. Registration is free, and gives you the privilege of receiving our monthly E ZINE (Electronic Magazine) in your inbox.

We think that we will be able to have more than one million registered users, who we will be able to call upon to attend public hearings, and Municipal IDP (Integrated Development Plan) meetings as well as the IMP (Intergrated Management Plan) of the IWPA (iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority) or at least send an email to the secretary applogising for not being present.

Once you have registerd as a supporter / member of our organistaion you will be welcome to partake in our marketing activities and regular fund raising events such as concerts, festivals and sporting events that we will be arranging or marketing specifically for our members who want to make recreational use of our Elephant Coast beaches

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  • rite something about your experiences along our beaches, and we will publish it for your friends to read.

    Got some good pics of recreational activities such as fish you caught, competitions you entered, underwater photos send them to us and we will publish then for you.

    After all these pages are all about enjoying the wonderful natural beauty of the Elephant Coasts wide open beaches at places such as

  • Mapelane
  • St. Lucia
  • Capevidal
  • Sodwana Bay
  • Kozi Bay
  • First Rocks
  • Mission Ricks
  • King Oscar
  • Three Sisters
  • Banaga Neck
  • and many others

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