4X4 Ban and the Elephant Coast economy

The closure of all beaches along the South african Coast line to motor vehicle trafic has had some very nasty side effects, and caused many business along the entire South African Coastline to suffer incredible losses due to the absence of the recreational beach users from the local economies of coastal tourism destinations.

I will be writing about the Elephant Coast region, which is where I live and play, and others will be writing about their areas. I stopped writing about this problem, of lost economic opportunities caused by the 4X4 ban along the Elephant Coast of KZN South Africa  for a while due to political pressure, but have since come to realise that this was a smoke screen, and that these politiicians really had a loud voice, but were unable to really do to much harm to my personal well being.

Since our President, Thabo Mbehki was fired for allegedly not following party policy, I have come to realise that we can make this thing of lost jobs and other economic opportunities into an important political issue, and use it during the electioneering campain that will be coming up to force all political parties to assist in fixing the problem, or loose votes.

This will be a brave step, and require many people to actively participate in highlighting their personal losses, and businesses highlighting their business stats and difficulties that they have had when asking their local municipality and other large role players such as DEAT (Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism) IWPA (iSimangaliso Wetand Park Authority) and Umkhanyakude District Municipality for assistance with the substantial economic losses incurred when domestic tourism along the Elephant Coast collapsed due to the knock on effects of the so called 4×4 ban, or the closure of our beaches to motor vehicle traffic in terms of the NEMA (National Environmental Management Plan) and subsequent legislation.

I will be using this platform to launch an association called the Association of Recreational beach users, which will eventually become a NON profit based organistaion looking after the interests of all recreational beach users. I tried this before, but from a different perspective, and due to the lack of financial assistance failed miserably.

Many people know that I am passionate about opposing the 4×4 Ban and that I want this legislation looked at and revised to make it more people friendly and less restrictive on our local tourism industry.  A large number of these people still want access to the Coastal recreational resources along the Elephant Coast, and in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, with many asking me what’s going on, as I talk about this issue excessively, and they feel I am an AUTHORITY on the 4×4 ban.

This Blog will be used as base from which many other activities will be launched, in conjunction with many other online promotional and social networking structures.  I will be linking to previous writings and placing my correspondence with others  online at various locations. I will  be soliciting help from every conceivable corner then a few others as well, to ensure that the 4×4 ban, or the closure of our coastal recreational beach use areas to motor vehicle traffic gets the political attention that it needs to fix our very serious economic crisis caused bt the absence of the domestic tourist to the many Elephant Coast tourism destinations inclusing but not limited to

  • Lake St. Lucia
  • St. Lucia Estuary
  • Cape Vidal
  • Mapelane
  • Sodwana Bay
  • Cape St. Lucia Light house
  • Richards bay Beaches

Please book mark this space and come back within a week mor 2 and see my progress.

If you have any ideas on how to go about this public awareness and political campain please write a comment, and we will try to use your idea in our thinking.

Do not be afraid!!!!!!!

voice your opinion and help us to solve this social problem, that has cost the Elephant Coast BILLIONS OF RANDS IN LOST TOURISM INCOME.

5 Responses

  1. Being in st lucia at the moment and having witnessed the mayhem that occured over new year I think its great that vehicles are banned from beaches.

    The average south african is just not clever enough to understand the concept of responsibility and allowing quads and 4x4s’s onto the beaches is asking for trouble. Permits or no permits. Try enjoy a week in Punto sometime…

    Unless you are launching a boat for either fishing or dive concessions why should 4×4’s be on the beach?

    • Being in St. Lucia during peak holiday season is a real stress on normal people. The town is full, and everybody is crowded into a tiny space along the coast where there is limited parking access to the beaches. During the mayhem you speak about the local population of Dukuduku, Khula Village, KwaMsane and other townships all come to the beach for the day..

      The facilities at St. Lucia can not handle this huge number of day visitors, and the Mtubatuba Municipality does not have the resources to employ extra security service personnel during this time. The Police and trafic inspectorate are normaly out in full force during this time to keep control and prevent the total destruction of the beachfront by unruly crowds who have no access to facilities and shops as there are none along the St. Lucia beach front,

      It must be remembered that motor vehicle traffic has been banned from the swimming beach for quite a few years before the 4×4 ban, and so the beachfront areas allocated for swimming would not have vehicles on them any way. But the sheer number of people using the small area is quite a problem as there are no roads behind the dunes to offer a larger area and prevent over crowding. The over crowding during the new year celebrations is a major concern in St. Lucia as it is in Durban, Richards Bay, Cape town, Port Elizabeth, East london and other coastal resorts.

      You experienced the severe over crowding of a beautiful place. If you had to visit St. Lucia in February, you would be shocked at the differeance, as the town and beaches will be virtually deserted at this time. If you do not like crowds and over crowding of facilities, avoid high profile destinations during the Christmas / new year period.

      Most people that visit St. Lucia out side of the peak school holiday season do so because the want to experience nature at its best, with many wantng to go fishing. It should be remembered that the town of St. Lucia came about because of the fishing opportunities that presented themselves within the area. Reasonable Access to these prime fishing locations is a prerequisite to attract this group to the area.

      Other tourism target market groups are easily accommodated else where, as there are many game reserves, mature reserves and places of natural beauty that are not along the coast. The fishermen how ever can not be accommodated where there is no fishing!

    • coz there are no roads in the district…

  2. Good stuff Frank. Please contact me.

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